Free Leather Luggage Tag
Free Leather Luggage Tag

Free Leather Luggage Tag

just register with the site for free and fill in your details to get a free embossed leather luggage tag delivered to your door. Allow 8-10 weeks for your luggage tag. Limit one luggage tag per address.


No heat just yet. Will they send free to the UK?

Not going to bother. I hoped it would be personalised, but it's just advertising (I know, I shouldn't expect anything more really for free). Heat and rep added anyway though as it's a good freebie, just not for me.

From T&Cs:

"Luggage tag is embossed with the Cutter & Buck logo and is not personalized with customer information"

thanks, voted hot

As smallfish said above all this can be is advertising, not much use apart from that
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