Free Lebara SIM card - Plus £10 free Call Credit with a £20 top-up.

Free Lebara SIM card - Plus £10 free Call Credit with a £20 top-up.

Found 4th Sep 2014
Receive Free Pay As You Go Credit

How does it work?
Top ups completed online

Top up Free call credit Validity
£20 £10 (with auto top up) 30 days
£20 £5 (without auto top up) 30 days

Offer Rules
This promotion is valid until 30.09.2014.
When making a £20 Top Up you will also receive an additional £5 FREE Call Credit, however by activating the auto Top Up when making a £20 Top Up you will receive an additional £10 FREE Call Credit every time an auto Top Up is made, the auto Top Up option can be turned off at any time. (You must register to My Lebara and open a My Lebara account).
Applies to Pay As You Go Top ups completed online only.
If you complete another top up before your free call credit expires, your free call credit expiry will be reset.
Free call credit will only be applied for single denomination top ups only.
Free call credit can only be used for UK and International landline and mobile calls (excluding premium calls) as well as UK and International texts. UK landline calls are those made to area codes 01, 02 and 03, excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
Free Call Credit cannot be used to purchase additional products (such as passes), roaming, voicemail, MMS, Charged Content, Mobile Internet (Data), Customer service calls, 0800, 0845 or other “toll-free” numbers and cannot be transferred.
Any call, text or data charges will be deducted first from the free call credit (unless you have a Pass, which takes priority).
The promotion may be withdrawn or changed at any time in full or in part at the absolute discretion of Lebara.
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international calls tariffs fluctuate more than Argentinian currency... rubbish. Use O2 International SIM instead cheaper and by far better quality...
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