Free legal cover for car and motorbike insurance
Free legal cover for car and motorbike insurance

Free legal cover for car and motorbike insurance

This company offer free legal cover to use with your car insurance, most companies charge about £25 for this


Sounds like a no win - no fee scheme?

I'm a bit wary of this. 1. My virus scanner (Kaspersky) warned of a trojan downloader as soon as I opened the site and 2. There is absolutely no detail of the company name that I could find easily and no details of who is backing this.

Are they an ambulance-chasing kind of outfit at best and at worst just a spammer/scammer that gets your info? What kind of info is it requesting - hope it isn't real vehicle details and insurance policies and/or credit cards etc?

Caveat Emptor!

Its perfectly legit, read the small print on any car insurance legal cover and they will not pursue a claim they think they will lose. At the very least it will save you a few quid on your renewal.

How will it save you money on your renewal?


How will it save you money on your renewal?

Because most companies automatically add it to your quote and you need to positively opt out.

There are those who will say that you need it for peace of mind, my view is:
If you have an accident and it is your fault, its no use to you, nobody will take on a lost cause.
If you have an accident and it is somebody else's fault, this or a similar scheme (there are quite a few) will fight your case, they will claim costs from the other party.
If its indeterminate who is at fault it is unlikely even a paid for scheme will take on a case.

This sort of scheme is just a no cost "be prepared" option, if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident you know who to contact.

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I think most people who use this forum are with it and would ask for it not to be put on their insurance.

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I was originally offered this when my husband insured his motorbike, it came as part of the cover and they have continued it each year. It works in the same way as the cover you purchase with your car insurance as they too will only pursue a claim that they have a chance of winning and it is their decision not yours.

Its a no win no fee scheme.

I thought legal cover was if someone tried to sue you, the insurance company will take the hit. I realise its my fault for not checking properly but it seems pretty damn pointless to pay anyone to support you when you want to sue someone else, since you can just go to those no win no fee places if you really had a case.
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