Free Lemsip Mug (with receipt)
Free Lemsip Mug (with receipt)

Free Lemsip Mug (with receipt)

Just buy a Lemsip product from one of the participating stores and send in your receipt and they will send you a free mug!!


Orrrrr... buy a supermarket own brand flu remedy with exactly the same ingredients for a third of the price, and then use the difference in price to buy yourself a nice mug with no advert on it!

ridiculously cool mug!!!

Who remembers the Lemsip blanket promotion from a couple of years ago. It's been extremely useful

good if buy it

i didnt know this

Question 1
Which Lemsip products are NOT suitable for vegetarians?

Lemsip products not suitable for vegetarians are: Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Capsules, Lemsip Max Sinus Capsules and Lemsip Flu 12 Hour Capsules.
Question 2
What is the source of gelatin in Lemsip Capsules?

The gelatin in Lemsip Capsules is animal-derived.
Question 3
Can you take Lemsip if you have a history of raised blood pressure/hypertension?

Lemsip contains decongestants which work by constricting the blood vessels, this action may worsen raised blood pressure/hypertension. Therefore Lemsip

I hope £1 shop / 99p shops are included!!
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