free lenor sample
free lenor sample

free lenor sample

Sorry if this has already been mentioned but just got this via e-mail for a free sample of lenor and a chance to win a years supply of lenor.


Just tried to obtain this, followed the link and completed the registration, all for it to tell me "Apologies, due to a technical fault the sampling request is currently not available. Please try again soon" :?
Hope this is only temporary as i really want this sample!:x

it works for me:thumbsup:
seems like there r only 40 smapls?

worked for me!


Thank you. It works for me as well. Heat added.


85 Ipoints to - … 85 Ipoints to - http://www.ipoints.co.uk/collect-ipoints/details/1jHauxtWRX56/Lenor

I can't seem to find it on ipoints even when clicking your link

Got mine no problemo!

This is bad, I had posted the same thing and for some reason unkown to me my post is deleted I would appreciate if any feedback is given by any moderator on that please....
many thanks.... and a great new year to everyone....

My sample is apparently on the way.

Seems to have worked. Thank you. H&R added.:thumbsup:

many thanks for this sample is on the way
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