Free Let's Golf HD game for Nexus One @ Gameloft

Free Let's Golf HD game for Nexus One @ Gameloft

Found 17th Jul 2010
Description of the game can be found here:…897

It says only US, but if you follow the Go to Deal button you can download it anywhere.

To get it, you must open the link on your phone and download the .apk software.

100% working for Nexus One (tried it myself), but haven't tested it on any other phones.

Thanks to AndroidIsTheTruth for the link at nexusoneforum


not working...when i go to the link on my phone its there but its £5

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What phone are you using? I guess it's only free for Nexus One then

htc desire...i checked the nexus one area of the site but its £5 also, plus when i click on it to buy it displays a page 'Opps there was an error' so i guess they found out it was a error

Good game on the iPhone.
I got this free in the 12 days of christmas app 2009.
Good freebie (if it is)
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