FREE lifeplans from British turkey
FREE lifeplans from British turkey

FREE lifeplans from British turkey

Want to know how to improve on 5-a-day, the catchy campaign to encourage us all to eat five portions of fruit or veg? Just add some British turkey! Eating a serving of healthy turkey alongside your 5-a-day is the perfect way to keep your body happy, healthy and fit.

The key to getting the right balance in life is to plan ahead and British turkey has just made that easier! Simply choose your lifestyle and well send you a complete 5-a-day life plan with recipes and hints and tips for a better lifestyle.

Supply of these FREE lifeplans is limited so we can only send 2 plans per person. If you want to get your hands on the complete set of 8 plans, buy a copy of our Little Book of Great British Turkey Recipes for only £4.99 (plus £1 for postage) and we'll include a complete set when we deliver your book.

Please select 2 options from the list below (you can have two plans from the same lifestyle if you like):



A free leaflet? Wow.


A free leaflet? Wow.

free leaflet is free H&R added pinkmelonsmr2

Thanks! Heat and Rep added!

It might only be a leaflet as a member pointed out but its the information that it holds that makes it useful Thanks again!


Thanks babe.
Think the word WOW sums you up quite well!

Heat added


Hmmm.... me thinks this may be a way for the turkey meat marketing board to get us to buy more turkey.... but still it is free, so heat and rep added.
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