Free LIME Energy Saving Plug AND Water Widget AND Flush Bag
Free LIME Energy Saving Plug AND Water Widget AND Flush Bag

Free LIME Energy Saving Plug AND Water Widget AND Flush Bag

These three green gadgets are completely free (one per household). For a limited time only - until 6th December- if you use promo code FLUSH when applying for the FREE gadgets, we will add another gadget,the FLUSH BAG, to your order for FREE.

Lets make this HOT so people find out about it and lower their energy usage for free! The LIME Energy Saving Plug has been offered as free in the past (http://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/free-lime-energy-saving-plug/707296) but only people over 70 or on benefits were eligible. This is for everyone AND you get a Water Widge and Flush Bag!

1. The LIME Energy Saving Plug (rrp £19.99)
This intelligent plug switches appliances off standby (and on again) at one easy click of a button and is very simple to install. Households in the UK now spend around 10% of their electricity bill on standby power, with the average household having up to 12 gadgets left on standby at any one time. (source: Energy Saving Trust). Leaving items on standby wastes energy and money, so start thinking 'savings' not 'standby' with a free LIME energy saving plug and you could save up to £20 on your energy bills.

2. The Water Widget (rrp £11.75)
The Water Widget takes less than 5 minutes to fit. By reducing the water flow through your shower head and by introducing air at high pressure through its patented technology, you don't even notice the pressure difference but you will notice the savings! It reduces the amount of water used by up to 70%. For an averaged sized 3 bedroom house this could result in a saving of up to £80 off your annual bill.

3. The Flush Bag
The Flush Bag fits neatly inside your cistern and saves more than a litre of water for each flush without affecting your toilet's performance

Offer ends 6th December 2010 so register now!

Promotion Code: FLUSH
For a limited time only - until 6th December- if you use promo code FLUSH when applying for the FREE gadgets, we will add another gadget,the FLUSH BAG, to your order for FREE.


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I posted this a month and a half ago hotukdeals.com/fre…617 . But now you also get the free Flush Bag (until Monday 6th December)

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link doesn't seem to work

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Can anyone help me out the link is freegreengadgets.co.uk/hom…tml

It works if you copy and paste but not when I put it in the listing. I don't know why it's not working on the main page as this is the same one that I put into the form? Very strange

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link ok 4 me just copy & paste thank u op heat added
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it no longer allows you to enter in your details - assume they've had too many people asking for freebies

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It works for me - please unexpire

Worked for me.Thanks

working ok.

Just filled in form, link worked for me. Heat added :-)
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"Only one free product per GB household (excluding NI) across all free standby and water saver offers from energy suppliers. Unfortunately we will not be able to process your application if you have previously received either product from an energy supplier and we are unable to notify you. Water widget offer excludes households who already own a water saving shower device. Offer available to GB residents only. Please allow 28 days for delivery. Offer is subject to availability."

thanks worked for me

it is a good peace of aquitment ot have

would you please send me your free lime energy saving plug etc....

worked for me too heat added !!

me to - heat added.

Worked for me, thanks

Fantastic. I have a non-immersion heater so use probably a quite a bit of water showering - hope this device can cut down the amount used!

Saw these in Debenhams but you could only take one if you had one of their store credit cards.

This offer is not available to residents outside mainland UK.

Thanks OP

Not available to UK residents outside MAINLAND UK, what a joke.



Not available to UK residents outside MAINLAND UK, what a joke.

still useful for a lot of people though

Ordered and then another for the Mother-in-law.

Thanks OP

i went for the one you posted a month and a half ago and as of yet haven't received anything, tried applying for this one but it states this 'Both items have already been dispatched to your address and as there is a limit on the number of free products per household, you cannot apply again' lol


Good post

I ordered last month, mine arrived on 30th Nov.

I couldn't claim as I have already recieved the widget on a previous freebie deal, but voted hot as it is still great for those who may have missed the last deal

ordered. will see what happens.

I tried to get these items and they said I had already ordered the plug but could get the water widget. Tried that and they said I already had that too. Complete rubbish and an annoying form to fill in.

Got mine yesterday thanks

me too

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Just to warn people that I just received this by email

"Product Recall Notice – Lime Energy Saving Plug (Model ES1017)

I am writing to inform you that we have found a potential safety
problem with a batch of the Lime Energy Saving Plugs, Model Number
ES1017, which can be identified via the label on the back of the plug.
This email will be followed with a letter, which you should receive
in the next few days.

The problem was identified following feedback from a very small number
of customers who had experienced some problems with the individual
pins of the plug that either fell out or remained in the socket when

This problem could potentially lead to an electrical hazard or
exposure to live electrical parts. I strongly recommend that you stop
using the Lime Plug and turn off the wall socket power switch before
removing it.

We will be sending you a replacement Lime Energy Saving Plug of a
different model to replace your existing one and will endeavour to
send this to you within 14 days from the postal notification that you
will receive shortly. Along with the replacement plug we will include
pre-paid packaging for you to return the original plug for its safe

I would like to reassure you that no other Grass Roots products are affected.

If you have passed this plug on to someone else, please would you also
pass on this notice.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your
co-operation in this matter. If you require further advice, please
contact our helpline on 08448 – 795160 or alternatively contact us by
email on limeplugrecall@grg.com.

Yours sincerely

Mr Antony Bates
Executive Director"

6December 2010 - rather out of date I think - the FLUSH offer. I got one from the SW Water Board people but it prevents the toilet from getting a proper effective flush! Am trying to find out if a Lime Energy saving plug is the same as a power down device.
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