Free "Limited Edition" Whiskas cat food bowl with Whiskas (and potential mis-scan/double the difference) @ Tesco

Free "Limited Edition" Whiskas cat food bowl with Whiskas (and potential mis-scan/double the difference) @ Tesco

Found 28th Sep 2012
Not sure if national, but local (Royston, Herts) Tesco is giving away free limited edition Whiskas cat bowls with purchases over £6 of Whiskas products.

The bowls are in a big Whiskas promotional display that clearly states "Free bowl when spending over £6 on any Whiskas product" - so I purchased 2 packs of 12 tins for £6.50 each - but when you scan the "free" bowls through they scan at £4.99.

I went to customer services to have this rectified and was told that the promotion is only on pouches and dried food sacks (which IS detailed in a tiny shelf label stuck to the bottom of the display so you won't notice it!) Argued the toss and told them the Whiskas display stand quite clearly states in big letters "Any Whiskas product" and they agreed to refund the £4.99 per bowl that had scanned - argued a little more and was given the double the difference too (although did have to speak to a manager to get it).

UPDATE: 28th September:

Looks like the potential for free bowls against ANY Whiskas product is off - certainly in my local store (Royston, Herts) where they've now stuck labels over the display stand specifying it only applies to Whiskas 2kg dry food or the 12 pack pouches.

Still a deal for free bowls though if you regularly buy either of those specific products, and other stores may not have changed the signage yet - so the "ANY product" deal might still be had elsewhere.
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In my store the labels are bigger and yeah it does state that you get the bowl free with any two off either 2kg dry food or the 12 pack pouches. The bowl stand does state with any whiskas product so they are right to refund you. I have a feeling they will get rid off the display stands for the bowls. I should off tried getting tinned food earlier but didn't bother getting anything.
Yes! We have just came back from the Great Yarmouth Big Tesco Store. Spending £15 worth of Whiskas products. I expected 2 free bowls. As it does clearly state on the stand ( ANY Whiskas Product) The staff were really Rude and were having none of it saying its (Selected Products only) left the Store feeling really unhappy about it!! And Embarrased when it's there Mistake! Without my free bowls :0(
my local pets at home have this - 2 packs of 12 for £6 and a free bowl so I bagged 2 :-)
is it just at pets at home and tesco
Will I get the bowl if I buy the whiskas food online as I usually do?
i got two boxes (of 12) of wet gravy pouches for £6 and the bowl free, no probs, today at sainsburys.
I was looking forward to receiving my free bowls for my fury friends when I purchased 24 cans of cat food from asda, costing £12, and was gutted to find out that asda were not part of the promotion looks like pets at home it is!!!
SAINSBURYS are doing the free bowl offer and are allowing 1 per £6 of Whiskas cat food.
I buy the 48x100g pouches for £12/£14 anyway [hope this offer lasts] and stocked up getting 5 bowls in total,
If there are some bowls left tomorrow I may get more. They are sturdy and will wash in the dishwasher which plastic bowls do not very well. All my cats are eating all the food now wheras 1 would not eat the food right at the bottom of the bowl.
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