Free Little Dish Kids Meal
Free Little Dish Kids Meal

Free Little Dish Kids Meal

Asda are giving away 9,000 coupons for a FREE Little Dish Kids Ready Meal. The coupons can be printed straight out and redeemed in all supermarkets. It’s worth £2.99. The new Little Dish meals are specially made for small kids. You can choose between Chunky Chicken Pot Roast and Mild Beef Chilli with Rice.
To claim your free Little Dish Kids Meal, click ‘fill in the form and ‘click here for your free coupon’. Your computer must be connected to a printer. You’ll be able to print the coupon straight out and take it in-store to redeem. Check your individual coupon for further instructions and T&Cs.


I always say there's no such thing as a free lunch... oh, hang on ;). Have some heat (in the microwave for 3 minutes).

already posted

Claim twice this is free on the shopitize app as well
just a shame we have no ASDA here

good deal

They're different ones. The shopitize one is for 1+ kids i think and this one is 3-6 yrs
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