Free LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys
Free LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys

Free LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys

Title says it all really.

Website is slow, understandably, but persevere and you'll get one


if i get this, i will give u so much rep...

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Lets hope you do

Unable to get on.....

i finally managed to get on, but I now need to register the registering thing doesnt seem to be working

the most annoying thing in the world!!! cant remember my login so need to register again!!! trying to rigister for the last hour 2004 keys left!!!

i'm tempted to give up, but i want one so bad - i've got the registering page up in three different browsers but none of them are working - they say my email and password and username are wrongly entered???


wonder how much they will go for on ebay lol

woo! i'm registered
still not got one yet though lol


theres 1002 keys left

aaahh i better get one! i just can't get the page to load now

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Just playing it now. Well worth the hassle of registering etc

I;ve registered - just trying to login - so painful

only 698 keys left!!
login you beep!!

ffs i cant log in. Can someone pls get me one if theres loads quicly?

link does not load ??

aaah I've logged in but now it wont open up the page!

Its so hard tryin to log in - I;m so close to it

I'm logged in now - key please?

Got one - two hours of trying, refreshing
320 keys left - will be gone by 9.30 I think

got one!!!!! downloading now!

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Could this be unexpired?


Could this be unexpired?

I did that, but it's showing me a page load error.

P.S. If something ever needs unexpired or edited by a mod, please let us know by using the report buttons

have all gone

Anyone have one going free? I will pay upto £5 for one!

all these keys whatever they are, are now all gone
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