Free Loader Portable Solar Energy charger (phone,psp,etc) £10.55 delivered

Free Loader Portable Solar Energy charger (phone,psp,etc) £10.55 delivered

Found 2nd Aug 2007
Free Power, now there's a deal

See here for more info :…er/

* Adapters include LG-KG800 Chocolate Series, Motorola - V66 and V3 current series, All Nokia and current N series, Samsung A288 and D800 series, Sony Ericsson T28 and K750 current series, 4mm straight jack for Sony PSP, Tom Tom sat nav, digital cameras, PDAs and two way radios, Mini USB for Blackberry Smart Phones, Nintendo DS, Bluetooth headsets, etc. iPod, iPod Shuffle, MP3 players, smart mobile phones, most PDAs and GPS.


Just bought 2 for £15.19 :w00t: Make sure you check your postage costs and go through Quidco for an extra 3%

Sold out

Damn, almost made it through checkout but sold out and removed from my basket!

Good deal while it lasted; cheapest anywhere else seems to be about £25

Looks like I just got in there for this deal, just got my item has shipped email. Thanks!

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All sold out & no-one thought it was a hot deal ? Ah well.
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I wouldn't worry too much, I bought one for twice this price to power phones, psp and other stuff whilst in France a few week back and all it did was drain the batteries from whatever was plugged in at the time, so we had to go and buy car chargers for everything whilst we were in France. So in the end it up ended up costing a fortune! :x
Ps the sony nav-u50 sat nav car charger will charge a psp, just in case anyone gets caught short.:whistling:

Have to say i've got one aswell and it's frigging useless. Leave it sitting in glorious sunshine all day plug my phone in and get about 3 seconds of charge from it. Might be useful for a holiday to the sun, but i think you'd need to go that far to pickup enough sunshine

One of these fried the firmware on my qooqee mp3 player!
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