Free loft/cavity wall insulation for customers or those on numerous benefits

Free loft/cavity wall insulation for customers or those on numerous benefits

Found 8th Nov 2011
originally posted 2 months ago but had expired.

they've since extended the deadline from October 31st to December 22nd.

Free insulation applies to British Gas customers OR if you're over 70 or on one of the following benefits...

Attendance allowance
Council Tax Benefit
Child & Working Tax Credit (income no more than £16,190)
Disability living allowance
Disablement pension (includes constant attendance allowance)
Housing benefit
Income support
Income-based Job Seekers Allowance
Income related Employment and Support allowance
State pension credit
War disablement Pension (which includes mobility supplement or constant attendance).
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I might just hand my notice in. HOT

I might just hand my notice in. HOT

The offer is just what is says - we are British Gas customers but receive no benefits. We registered, the surveyor came round and the insulation was installed within a few days. Brilliant service.
Just a heads up,
T&C = "For loft insulation the Offer only applies where the thickness of existing insulation is less than 60mm."

The same offer on the E-On site is better as there limit is 160mm so if you all ready have 100mm installed go to E-On

I had my loft done but i couldn't have both loft insulation and cavity insulation but still a very good offer...esp. for working people .
~Had a surveyor round for this a few weeks ago to confirm what i thought that we had no cavity wall insulation.

because we had a chimney on the side exterior wall he said an engineer would have to do a spillage test before and after and that he could book that for me now at my own cost OR i could subscribe to homecare for a year and it would be included, thought it sounded like a scam and sent him away after a bit of hard sell, havent heard from them since
Tesco now also offering free insulation to all…ncy
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