Free lonely digital planet guide from Hsbc

Free lonely digital planet guide from Hsbc

Found 1st Aug 2014
Just doing little game and obtain the ebook from the lonely digital planet.
As I remembered the choices are London,Scotland, central America, Great Britain and few more.
Hope useful for someone.

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thank you op
How. Do you get the free copy?
Original Poster
Just do the game, questions about place in UK or away (choose Uk or away based on the picture). even do mistakes still get the code to redeem on lonely planet mistake
It's very long winded!.
And it won't open in Overdrive.
Nice one, thanks.


It's very long winded!.And it won't open in Overdrive.

Takes all of a minute
Thanks, really helpful!
Thanks very much for this. You can download the whole ebook as well as the individual chapters for each country (with the Europe on a shoestring ebook).
Nice to see my bank charges being put to use
This is great, thank you.

Something you should be aware.... (Make sure you download the book in 2 months and keep a copy somewhere safe)

Are there any restrictions or limits to downloading my chapter?Yes and … Are there any restrictions or limits to downloading my chapter?Yes and no. All chapters must be downloaded within 2 months of purchase, and we can't resend download links for out-of-print editions. We know technical errors, computer crashes and download limits can make life hard so we have given you five downloads to each of your purchased chapters. For example, maybe you downloaded your guide to Marrakesh on your home PC and end up in Marrakesh without it. You've got 5 downloads per chapter, so you can just download it again for free (remember you will have been sent a confirmation email with the download link). All we ask is that you don’t share it around and use it for non-commercial purposes.

That's amazing! Well done op, I got the Europe on a shoestring book, which I remember buying 8 years ago (older edition), for about £20.
I completed it (and got 100%) but I can't get either the sharing or the non-sharing link to work. Not if it's just me or if they've stopped the promo, has anyone else tried in the last day or so?
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not sure if ended, will check later
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