Free L'OR Espresso Capsules

Free L'OR Espresso Capsules



Ooh thanks! I've been wanting to try these
Thanks OP
Wonder if these will arrive unlike the Taylor's of Harrogate ones?

Bought some a while ago whilst they were on offer. Nice coffee (Douwe Egberts make it apparently).
Can't remember if it were these or Starbucks capsules that jammed a couple of times in my machine.
I love these capsules and recommend them too.
These are great quality, if it is their metal capsule ones
All my details for TWO pods.

The image seems to suggest it will be 2 packs of 5. Thanks OP.
nicks995 m ago

The image seems to suggest it will be 2 packs of 5. Thanks OP.

Ts & Cs says one pod of each type i.e. a grand total of two pods.
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There's 4 or 5 different ones locally for me.
Bought some Ristretto in Tesco today for £2 (and used a 75p off till spit I got earlier in the month), so £1.25 for 10 is fine until however many arrive.
The company seems to do a few online only varieties as well (although nowhere near as many as Nespresso).

Definitely 2 capsules:

6. Included in the sample pack:

  • L’OR Espresso Ristretto x1 capsule
  • L’OR Lungo Profondo x1 capsule
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