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Posted 4 December 2022

Free 'Love Actually' Cinema Tickets Drinks & Snacks for National Lottery Players (Min £2 Purchase Required) @ The National Lottery

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Free cinema tickets, drinks & snacks for Love Actually on 23 December 2022. Requires a National lottery ticket or scatchcard purchased anytime (prior to booking) in 2022

Not sure if you need ticket on day but all they require for verification is the first 4 digits of the lotto ticket reference number or scratch card

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Note this is a 15 rated film, therefore anyone aged 14 years of age, or under, as of 23rd December (films showing date), will NOT be admitted.
Remember you need to take valid ID with you to confirm your booked ticket matches your ID.


This Christmas, we’re bringing the nation together for some festive fun – with The National Lottery hosts Love Actually at the cinema. On Friday 23rd December, you can enjoy a pair of FREE tickets, drinks and snacks† to watch Love Actually at hundreds of participating cinemas across the UK. Find out more. (Please note: by clicking on this link you are being taken to a third party website.

All you need is any National Lottery ticket (including Lotto, EuroMillions, Set For Life and Thunderball), Scratchcard or Instant Win Game ticket (purchased from 1st January 2022) to claim a pair of cinema tickets and selected drinks and snacks.

Everyone’s favourite festive feel-good film is packed with memorable scenes. Who can forget Andrew Lincoln’s character using handwritten signs to declare his love for Keira Knightley, or ageing rock star Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) trying to score a festive hit with the cheesy anthem Christmas Is All Around?

So don’t just sit there – head to nationallotteryhosts.com to get involved. (Please note: by clicking on this link you are being taken to a third party website).

Merry Christmas!

†Use any retail or online National Lottery ticket, Scratchcard or Instant Win Game ticket purchased from 1st January 2022 to redeem a pair of cinema tickets and selected drinks and snacks for use on the 23rd December 2022. Online registration required. Cinema tickets and selected drinks and snacks are subject to availability. Selected cinemas only. Full Ts&Cs apply and are available at nationallotteryhosts.com. (Please note: by clicking on this link you are being taken to a third party website). Players must be 18+.


Enter your Postcode to see available Tickets.

To redeem this festive treat, simply check availability below and click 'Book now'

No tickets available?
Don't worry, we'll be releasing more tickets.
Select a different location or check back in a few days.

Terms and Conditions
Claiming your cinema ticket and drink and snack at participating cinemas
  • To claim a cinema ticket, select the cinema you want to visit from the selection of participating cinema venues listed on this site. You will then be required to enter your name and email address and to set a password. You will then be required to enter the code from your National Lottery ticket. You must confirm the number of tickets you require (max 2).
  • You will then be presented with a booking confirmation with details of your ticket(s).
  • National Lottery hosts Love Actually at the Cinema tickets are only available at participating cinemas via this site. You will not be able to claim a free ticket at the participating cinema’s box office.
  • To claim your free drink and snack, show your ticket at the cinema for which the ticket is booked for. It is at the discretion of the cinema as to which drinks and snacks are made available.

  • Any National Lottery player with a National Lottery ticket or game bought after 1st January 2022 can claim free entry for two adults to a screening of Love Actually on 23rd December 2022 (subject to availability), and claim two standard drinks and two snacks (from a selection determined by the venue).
How do I get tickets?
Choose the screening you’d like to go to, apply and if you are successful, you'll see the booking confirmation on screen. We'll also email you the confirmation. You can print it or just show it on your phone when you go to the screening. Please check all details, tickets and age restrictions before the screening.

Are there any age restrictions?
Entrance to the Love Actually screening is subject to film age certification regulations, any rules and regulations, and any additional terms and conditions of the participating cinema.

I’m in a wheelchair/I have mobility issues – will there be suitable access and facilities for me?
If you have any special accessibility requirements, you will need to book tickets using the standard process. When you receive confirmation that you have been allocated tickets, contact us at loveactually@weticketit.com to let us know your needs. We can then contact the event venue to check accessibility and let you know. In some instances, notice of accessible seating may only be available at short notice. If wheelchair spaces are available, these will be offered on a first-come first-served basis.

What type of ID do I need to bring with me?
Please bring your driving licence or credit card to show your name matches the one on your tickets.

Can I choose where I sit at the screening?
Seats will be allocated on the day of the screening on a first-come, first-served basis so you won't be able to choose a specific seat in advance.

How do I change the name on my tickets?
You can’t change the name so if you can’t make it, please cancel your tickets so someone else can make use of them.

I booked two tickets. Will they be for seats next to each other?

If you arrive together then it is likely you will be seated together as seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis on entry but we are unable to guarantee this. Please arrive early for the best seats.

What's the waiting list?

Once all tickets are booked for an event, you can add yourself to a waiting (or cancellations) list. If tickets are subsequently cancelled, we'll send them to the waiting list in order of application.
The National Lottery More details at The National Lottery
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  1. Avatar
    anybody got a spare reference number
    48926357-jbITX.jpgHere you go, just write which one you took, so others know (edited)
  2. Avatar
    got for the wife and mother in law i get a couple of hours to my self thank you
    There's an asbolute banger of an idea...
  3. Avatar
    great, any1 knows if can take the kids under 12 or will they be strict bcos the rating is 15 ,thanks
    Films have strict age regulations. They won’t let anyone under 15 in
  4. Avatar
    Tysm. Just booked x
  5. Avatar
    Just booked thanks!

    It’s only a 4 digit code.. I’m assuming it just accepts random numbers?
    Yip any 4 numbers will work
  6. Avatar
    My Dad is in Love Actually, in the last airport closing scene my Dad is the white haired guy hugging the man in the red cap. My Dad passed away in 2018 but we always have him in the film. If you pause on DVD you can see my Mum too
    How weird seeing you here
  7. Avatar
    Ordered! In the wife's good books for a change!
  8. Avatar
    Even it’s own writer has recently said how embarrassed he is by this tosh.
    Thanks Karen.
  9. Avatar
    My favourite Christmas film
  10. Avatar
    @JeremyVine you plonker 
  11. Avatar
    I’d rather watch The Dambusters.
  12. Avatar
    Get the snacks and accidentally watch a better film
  13. Avatar
    Booked noticed it said first come first served as well also didn't even put anything in the tickets ref box just pushed submitted and it worked
    worked for me, thank you
  14. Avatar
    Book the Curzon, snacks are next level
    Which snacks are included in Curzon deal?

    Vue states: Soft drink, and choose from regular popcorn, hotdog or nachos
  15. Avatar
    Would rather have root canal surgery
    Doesn't come with free popcorn generally.
  16. Avatar
    I just don't get why they chose a 19-year old rom-com that happens to be set around Christmastime. Might as well show Die Hard or Gremlins, Actually
    What don’t you get?  I am sure a group of overpaid people sat on bean bags and had to pick a film.   No doubt, feasting on a buffet paid for by our lost hopes and dreams each Saturday evening.
  17. Avatar
    what is the free drink and snack?
    Think it depends on the cinema. Vue confirmation says soft drink and choice of either hot dog, nachos or popcorn
  18. Avatar
    u could see it in the same part of london three times in one day cos its on at three venues at different times.

    if u actually love love actually that much (or u luv free popcorn and coke). (edited)
  19. Avatar
    I’m thinking if I could just get the snacks and drinks and go see another movie?
  20. Avatar
    It was on telly last night. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Gonna spend the whole time scanning the crowd wondering if I'm in the same room as @MrSwitch
  22. Avatar
    Is this trolling Jeremy Vine?
  23. Avatar
    I wonder if you can use this to get free drink and food and go watch something else considering it’s first come first served
    I'm going to cinema this sat, going to try use the qr codes then
  24. Avatar
    67 posts and nobody has picked up on "Free Love"! This site used to be great... (edited)
  25. Avatar
    Cold added.
  26. Avatar
    Brilliant deal, really hate the movie but my wife loves it.
  27. Avatar
    All we need now is Die Hard and that's Christmas date night with the wife sorted....and yes Die Hard is a Christmas movie
  28. Avatar
    Thanks OP I've booked for myself and daughter. We love this film. In fact she watched it on Prime earlier today. (edited)
  29. Avatar
    Can I just have the drinks and snacks?
  30. Avatar
    I would be most happiest if I win the Lotto compared to seeing the movie.
    I guess everyone else would prefer watching the movie (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Thanks! Booked mine!
  32. Avatar
    Brilliant post, thank you Op 👌
  33. Avatar
    Thanks op
  34. Avatar
    Great just booked thanks
  35. Avatar
    Brilliant! Thanks.
  36. Avatar
    Thank you! Got tickets
  37. Avatar
    Awesome thanks!
  38. Avatar
    Great share OP
  39. Avatar
    Thanks for this!!!
  40. Avatar
    What we thinking the snacks and drinks will be...
    It says choice of popcorn machos or hotdog