Free Ltd Edtn Banksy Poster
Free Ltd Edtn Banksy Poster

Free Ltd Edtn Banksy Poster

After almost a decade since his last Dont Panic collaboration, we are over the moon to announce Banksy as our new Dont Panic Poster artist! Celebrating the launch of his new film Exit Through the Gift Shop, the poster features an exclusive piece entitled Forgive Us Our Trespassing.

These limited edition posters will be available in Dont Panic Packs from selected shops in each Dont Panic region and also outside specially selected gigs and club events over the next couple of weeks.

Please note, these posters will not be sold via the Don't Panic site or any other outlet. We can not send them out to anyone, nor will Banksy be signing any posters. They are 100% exclusive to the Don't Panic Pack!


This is based for the US from what I can see and isn't actually a poster you can obtain from the net - only a download which looks quite small.

Don't fancy my chances but I'll keep an eye out...

no actual poster ??

0rchid u smelly nilly

Hmm... that page contained 'HTTP Malicious Toolkit Download Activity' i'll pass on that.


i'll pass on that too, perhaps I can buy some spray paint and vandalize my local area? :?

Go to the Tesco Party link at this site - hilarious...

Virus on the site:x

Original Poster

Pretty sure there's no 'virus' on the site. Running Avira here and picked up nothing. What virus was it?
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