Free Lucozade energy
Free Lucozade energy

Free Lucozade energy

Just fill in your name and mobile number, the reason is you can either have them sent the voucher code to your mobile or print it off.

It's quite funny though as they have this video clip after you submit and you could see your own name and mobile number in the clip.


hot! cheers matey!

No one accepts these vouchers

I've tried the stores listed on Lucozade website and not one accepted the voucher

That's incorrect solar flare. Asda excepts these vouchers, I have redeemed three there already. However the offer has expired and no more vouchers are being given out.

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I think it still on, this is Lucozade energy not the normal one, I've just check and
it says "the promotion commences 02.04.08 and closes 16.05.08."

my voucher was accepted at tesco

When you go to print the label Elves it says that promotion is over. Sorry.

i got a voucher on the mobile and it says redeeem by 21st may. so clearly it is still valid. plus i have seen som adverts of this promotion in many places.

Good luck finding a place which redeems the text voucher code.

Morrisons accepted mine :w00t:

Nice one, Thanks. :-D

havent got time to redeem is just yet, but i suppose its only the big supermarkets that will redeem it.
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