Free Lush gift set (up to £100 worth) with a £15 spend
Free Lush gift set (up to £100 worth) with a £15 spend

Free Lush gift set (up to £100 worth) with a £15 spend

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Same as last year... Spend £15 instore & choose any Christmas gift set or any other gift set made before December 1st free. They do a £100 gift hat box, but my local store was out of that one, but got 2 "wish lists" which sell for £50 each.

This is not advertised instore.


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Forgot to say... this is a countywide deal. (friend works in store):thumbsup:

Do you have to buy in store or can you buy online and if so how..



My girlfriend bought £15 worth of Rockstar soap and got one of the £20 winter shower boxes free. That was the most expensive gift box they had in the Derby store.

its like a lucky draw, depending on what stock your local store has. mine had really miserable 6 pounds boxes. i opted for ballistics instead. if u need ot get pieces from lush anyway, u can choose to get any of their products that is made before 1/12/2007. their gorgeous cream is....GORGEOUS

i might pop through the metro centres one on saturday , probs be out of stock of the nice ones , thanks for the deal voted hot xx

This is very popular - I found out about it too late last year, but was outside before the shop opened today. Got there 1/2 an hour early and was still 10th in the queue?!?!

I didn't go for the highest value box I could have had (£40) but for one which contained stuff I think I'm more likely to use, 'nudge nudge, wink wink' at £30 - wish I'd been more familiar with the contents of boxes before I set off as you could see the pro's who knew what they wanted - I spent 1/2 an hour looking at labels!

Most of the stuff had gone by 10.30am, so probably not worth going in specially unless you can get there early..

got myself a big long box worth £29.50 free

Anyone been to either of the Manchester stores? Just wondered what they had left before I go

Worked there over Christmas a couple of years ago, it'll have gone quick I imagine, but worth a try anyway!

My Lush only had 3 xmas boxes left but they told me u dont get them free but i could pick anything with a green label so i chose Gorgeous moisturiser worth £35 would of perfered a £100 gift box though

Nothing free worth more than £23 in Carnaby Street. I let empty handed as the gifts didn't look that appealing.

two beautiful gold boxes (£100) in Cov but they said these were made after 1st Dec so I couldn't have one. left with nothing as crowds were beginning to get on my nerves after spending 30 mins in Virgin getting a mobile contract!

went to the solihull store the day after boxing day and they had run out of nearly everything. got a very berry gift which was the best one they had. might try again next year, with a mental note to get there at 8am on boxing day!
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