Free lush workshop and make your own Bathbomb to take away !

Free lush workshop and make your own Bathbomb to take away !

Posted 15th Apr 2012
Visited lush today and the compounders who make the lush products are on tour. If you visit the store on the date you can make your own bath bomb to take away its a limited edition 'I met the compounders' one today. Subject to availability I think and unsure of the times but today they were there 12-4pm. I'm not sure if the product you make changes.

We can now confirm the release (!) of 38 of our wonderful compounders from the Lush kitchens, who are all equipped with everything they need to show you what it's like to make our fresh, handmade products!

PLUS - You will be able to make an exclusive, limited edition product on the day! Get stuck in, your hands dirty (or should we say very clean?!) and take home your very own handmade treat.

13-Apr - Poole, Hull, Taunton 

14-Apr - Bournemouth, York, Bath 

15-Apr - Southampton, Leeds, Bristol 

20-Apr - Swansea, Truro, Brighton 

21-Apr - Cardiff, Plymouth, Chichester 

22-Apr - Bristol Cribbs, Exeter, Portsmouth

27-Apr - Maidstone, Norwich, Inverness 

28-Apr - Crawley, Colchester, Aberdeen 

29-Apr - Basingstoke, Chelmsford, Dundee 

04-May - Cork, Belfast, Edinburgh 

05-May - Dublin (Henry), Newry, Carlisle 

06-May - Dublin (Grafton), Dublin (Grafton), Newcastle 

11-May - Sunderland, Preston, Derby 

12-May - Middlesbrough, Man. Trafford, Nottingham 

13-May - Harrogate, Liverpool, Leicester 

18-May - Northampton, Watford, Gateshead 

19-May - Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Man. Arndale

20-May - Luton, Oxford, Sheffield 

25-May - Chester, St Albans, Peterborough 

26-May - Telford, Kingston, Cambridge 

27-May - Birmingham, Guildford, Reading 

01-Jun - Livingston, Manchester, Solihull 

02-Jun - Glasgow (Sauchiehall), Wakefield, Redditch 

03-Jun - Meadowhall, Lincoln, Worcester 

08-Jun - Warrington, Glasgow (Braehead), Merryhill 

09-Jun - Coventry, Stirling, Carmarthen 

10-Jun - Swindon, Glasgow (Buchanan), Cheltenham 

15-Jun - Bolton, Eastbourne, Romford, Stratford 

16-Jun - Doncaster, Bromley, Lakeside, Wimbledon 

17-Jun - Hanley, Croydon, Bluewater, Windsor 

27-Jul - Brent Cross

28-Jul - Stratford City

29-Jul - White City

04-Aug - Regent Street, Liverpool St

05-Aug - South Molton St, Kings Road

10-Aug - Victoria Station

11-Aug - Covent Garden
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Thanks! Not sure what sort of times?
Id say ask in store the times today was 12-4 I'd say get there early

The bath bomb today was 'space girl which retails for 1.95 and smells lovely!
Fab - will put the local ones on the calendar!
All in an effort to get foot traffic and to get you to buy something! But a DIY freebie is always good.
Lush, thanks!
Do you know if the Stratford one is On Avon or London?
wow coimg to my town, makes a change :-) i guess may 12th, my day they are coming will be the day schools off and the shop will be full of make up caked teenagers getting in the way of life basically. lol

i hate kids

HiDo you know if the Stratford one is On Avon or London?

28-Jul - Stratford City is in East London.
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