Free Mad Hatter Tea Sample

Free Mad Hatter Tea Sample

Found 6th Aug 2008Made hot 6th Aug 2008
Be one of the first to sample "Mad Hatter" Tea for FREE.
Simply fill in the form below to register for your free cup of tea.


Great company and really great tea - was the first comp prize winner and send me a beautiful hamper absolutely full of goodies, and the tea is something really special

this is connected to ebay??




Thanks, free tea is good tea

I'll improve their web design for additional free tea

Cheers , i love tea. Has anyone tried the mr scuff tea ?

Thanks...this is a competition...hope I bag one!;-)


thx heat and rep added :gift:

Sounds interesting, thanx, heat added ;-)

Requested mine, thank you

Erm did anyone read this:

"50 free samples designated for national distribution. 50 free samples are designated for international distribution."

Now am I reading this wrong but this means you get a chance to be the recipient of a sample and there are only 50 samples available nationwide! Doesn't seem like a bargain to me!

So probably 50 people will get 1 tea bag rofl
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