FREE MAGAZINES - ULTIMATE LIST - Actual printed copies - LOADS of choice!

FREE MAGAZINES - ULTIMATE LIST - Actual printed copies - LOADS of choice!

Found 14th May 2014
Loads of free magazines. Full URL's below.
Some require a form to be filled to get a call back. (You take a chance on whether they will call you back or not. Obviously use a real phone number)
Some requre a number to be called.
Usually get an option of a special offer of 3 for £1 etc. Can just decline.

Money Observer…opy

Auto Express…126

The Economist…637

Mens Fitness…ue/

Real Living…tml

Health & Fitness…ue/

Digital SLR Photography…ue/

Computer Shopper…ue/

Marie Claire…re/

Mac User…ue/



BBC Good Food…=43


Gardens Illustrated
Call 0844 776 1871
Quote RTOFR514

Homes & Antiques
Call 0844 776 0313
Quote: HACFP14FR

BBC History…ry/

Reloved Upcycling

Community Updates
Auto Express Deals


Won't give anyone my phone number, not even for a free magazine, it just leaves you open to loads of spam calls.
Thanks need these for a school project
I have no idea why this is cold OP. Anyway voted hot.
I think the cold votes might be due to the fact that users need to give a valid / real phone number. It's a form-fill to collect data such as email and phone numbers so that they can spam you.

That said, you do get the free mag though.

After you give the number (I used my work desk number) they call you to take some details and try to sell you a bunch of other stuff (i.e. "instead of one free mag, would you like 5 for £5" ...."no, ok how about nature magazines, or fishing... or photography? are interested in any of those?" ... "no? ok what about home decorating?".... etc.)

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