Free Mail on sunday at Asda instore
Free Mail on sunday at Asda instore

Free Mail on sunday at Asda instore

There is currently a deal going on at my Asda (Feltham) where they are giving out a voucher to get a free Mail on sunday (redeemed at the till with your paper) . they take your details and will send out further vouchers .

not a big fan of the mail myself, but there is a free dvd with the mail today, Charlotte Grey,

so if anyone is interested in the newspaper and/or dvd, this might be of interest to them

not sure if it is happenning at other asda stores


Must be a local offer as at Asda Glasgow Toryglen its half price coupons for scotland on sunday that two girls are giving out......

yes this offer is nationwide for at least 2 more weekends. basically if the promoter see you holding any newspaper rather than daily mail or mail sunday, they will come to u n ask to swap ur paper for free. they also offer you six weeks half price vouchers for daily mail/mail sunday which is a total saving of 14.40! i was meant to be one of the promoter in south east london this weekend. but i havent received any voucher from them. so i cant be bothered to work!!!
hope this information will help!

Morrisons next week, Sainsburys the week after
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