Free match attax cards instore at tesco

Free match attax cards instore at tesco

Found 26th Jun 2010
went to my local tesco today and they are giving away free packs of world cup match attaxs at the till, i was given 15 packs, the lady at the till said they was told to give them away
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Flippen heck, I spent £100 today in tesco and were not given any!!!!

Flippen heck, I spent £100 today in tesco and were not given any!!!!

Same, spent about £20
Not all stores have stock to give away, and its at the staffs discretion, so don't expect all stores to just dish them out
I got 4 packs at Portwood Stockport.
Tesco express handing them out for naught,
we're not getting rid of any, we had been but have now stopped
Oh yeah, I have 3 packs in my bag - I spent £40odd and I assumed you got some for certain spends or something
I was in Tesco yesterday and I'm sure they were selling these - they were reduced but still for sale and not free.
i spent 50p on some crisps and the lady randomly gave me 6
I just spent £50 including a pack of Match Attax for my Son! They didn't give me them for free!!
Last week it was get a pack for every £10 you spend... this week we were giving a handful for free... We did ask for some tho.. x
The Tesco rule on this was one per transaction - subject to availability. If you get more, that is purely down to the checkout person and they may have been told by the store management to get rid as they have loads in stock. Usually if the shopper has kids with them, you will get offered them.

Also I think you will find that now England are out, pretty much all World Cup stuff will be at a massive knock down price (that will apply to all supermarkets as well
Not being given out in Burnage Tesco this am - still on the shelves for sale.
I work on checkouts at Tesco and we have been told to give these away. Some kids have even gone away with an entire box full (200 packs - manager was stood next to me and said it was fine!!)
I also work at Tesco and we were giving them out for free, but as of sunday we were told to stop and start charging for them again
I guess it must be store specific then as the store I work at only started giving them out tonight.
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