Free McFly Collectors Box!
Free McFly Collectors Box!

Free McFly Collectors Box!

Its a fine package to boot, so to house your fab collection we're offering a free collectors box, all featuring the bands signatures, and each one uniquely numbered to make it special to you!

All you have to do to receive one of these is complete and submit the form below by midnight on Sunday 1st October. Your box should be delivered by 18th October in time for the single release.

Only one box per person. UK applicants only. Only available while stocks last.

- joggerspark


Ummmmm Thanks

if it wasn't mass produced a would ebay this but who would buy it lol

Who cares it is great for kids. Sorry forgot to say thanks

Thank you ! Hope it comes !!

it has expired hot dealers

Thanks for th epost joggerspark

Thanks for the info 007 Bond ;-)

remember that free captain box set?
well this is a joke. worst freebie of the year for sure. just a card slip cover which arrived all crushed in an envelope.

Well hoperfully mine will come today, im not planning on keeping it, will go to better use on ebay i think

[SIZE=2]i sold the captain one on ebay for 4 quid. trust me you wont sell it for 4p. it's just a squashed bit of card. not as good as the blurb makes it sound. if i was a kid and got this i'd be a bit upset.[/SIZE]


Mine just arrived, and i also thought i wont even get 1p for it!
The signed bit is a bit misleading! It is signed, but not by the band themselves.
Oh well, summat for nowt, and i didnt even want it as im not a mcfly fan!
Suppose the only thing its got going for it is its ltd ed numbered....

Oh and mine is in mint condition LOL

LOL mine came this morning, gave it to my daughter and she just looked at me as if to say 'what?'

Can see it ending up in her bin some stage soon! LMAO

Lol got mine today...oh dear was risking RSI worth sending off for the damn thing? maybe it could be useful as a coaster, having a quick look on ebay, it seems that this offer was around for another single of theirs (]Look here) hehehe
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