Free Meal For Mum @ The Harvester On Mothers Day After 6pm

Free Meal For Mum @ The Harvester On Mothers Day After 6pm

Found 4th Mar 2015
Mums have the most important job in the world, so why don't we get together to give them a real treat? At Harvester on Mother's Day all mums eat free after 6pm. You deserve it, mums.

Here at Harvester, all mums eat free* after 6pm on 15 March.

Show yours how much she means to you by taking her to your local Harvester for dinner, and we'll treat her to her favourite main from our full menu for free. No voucher needed - just come along after 6pm.

Because mums, you deserve it.

*Free main course each for mums, only after 6pm on 15 March; from our main menu; sharing platters not included.

Terms and conditions
This promotion entitles Mum to one free main meal on purchase of one full priced main meal at the same time.
Offer is available on Sunday 15th March 2015 with orders placed after 6pm.
Free Main Meal for Mum is valid for all main meals only excluding sharing platters.
Cannot be used in conjunction with the £9.99 meal deal.
Subject to availability.
On Mother's Day breakfast will be served until 11am and lunch from 11am;
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Stupid that you cannot book. Not risking taking her all the way there to find no tables free!

Stupid that you cannot book.  Not risking taking her all the way there to find no tables free! 

Is that what they said when you rang them?

Is that what they said when you rang them?

Yes there are two both 8 miles away and both refused to let me book!

Yes there are two both 8 miles away and both refused to let me book! 

I'm sure if you got there around half 5 you could get a table around 6-6:30 unless they are queuing out of the door.
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Show your mother how much she means to you? You mean by spending NOTHING on her meal!!!
Love your comment lesD! I'm laughing so much
can I send her on her own?
whats what wrong with bhs all you can eat breakfast
heat added

can I send her on her own?whats what wrong with bhs all you can eat breakfast

I'd prefer an all you can eat, hint!
Not a Harvester fan!

I'm sure if you got there around half 5 you could get a table around 6-6:30 unless they are queuing out of the door.

"I love you mum, but not enough to spend £10 on your main course somewhere else, so you'll need to stand here for next hour or so while we wait for free table".

"I love you mum, but not enough to spend £10 on your main course somewhere else, so you'll need to stand here for next hour or so while we wait for free table".

Yup that's the HUKD way. Put a downer on everything. I hardly doubt you will be standing anywhere.

Yup that's the HUKD way. Put a downer on everything. I hardly doubt you will be standing anywhere. 

Of course I won't, I'll just take her somewhere prebooked without embarrassing myself.
As LesD pointed out, taking my Mother out for a "special treat" and spending nothing on her meal is not something that I will be doing.
So in the four hours before they close at the end of Mother's Day, when they're running out of food, your mum can get a meal if there's any left. Can't be used with any other offers, like the £9.99 one. Only if their microwave is working. You can't book. The deal is colder than their steaks!

So in the four hours before they close at the end of Mother's Day, when they're running out of food, your mum can get a meal if there's any left. Can't be used with any other offers, like the £9.99 one. Only if their microwave is working. You can't book. The deal is colder than their steaks!

Don't forget it's HUKD. There are idiots here who spend entire afternoon driving between 3 ASDA megastores because allegedly some stores give away free pineapple slicer with your purchase. Same pineapple slicer you can buy for £2 everywhere. And then complain about not getting one it in the comments.

Of course they'll vote hot on this crap too.
I've eaten a few times at Harvesters, though this would probably be more meaningful to more frequent diners of Harvesters.

I mean, if you bought your mum an all inclusive holiday for instances, I'm sure she wouldn't mind eating out at a flaming Harvester on the free!
I went here once and once was enough.

Should this deal not be in the freebies section?

Freebies aren't 'free' if there's a minimum spend.
I think my mum would disown me if I took her to Harvester for Mother's Day

Freebies aren't 'free' if there's a minimum spend.

Ah! Fair point.
Nothing wrong with Harvester. Great salad cart and I'm in love with their Jamaican beef rib skewer! don't forget if you sign up to the newsletter, you can get a £5 off £25 voucher too.

It is a bit silly they don't let you book. Been to harvester before and had to wait over an hour for a table.
Is someone else also seeing dyslexic comments on the HUKD iOS app?? They've gone crazy since last night
There you go. MY comment is also showing as dyslexic now
So I go with my son other half n my mum would me and my mum eat free?

Freebies aren't 'free' if there's a minimum spend.

Im a mum if i go by myself i eat free lol

Im a mum if i go by myself i eat free lol

Sadly not, This promotion entitles Mum to one free main meal on purchase of one full priced main meal at the same time. Hot though.
I will not be taking my mum to Harvester for Mothers Day. I will be treating my mum to a nice meal, not taking her somewhere where I can save myself a tenner. Cheap disgusting food... That's like taking her to McDonalds!!!!
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