FREE Measuring Scoop (powders), Net (tablets) or Ball (liquid)

FREE Measuring Scoop (powders), Net (tablets) or Ball (liquid)

Found 14th Apr 2010Made hot 15th Apr 2010
Get your free Laundry thingamajig. SURF works best when you use the right thingybob known in the trade as a dosing device. There are three available: a measuring scoop for powder, a net for tablets, or a dosing ball for liquid. If you'd like a free SURF measuring scoop (powders), net (tablets), or ball (liquid), SURF will mail you one. No washing machine should be without one!

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Very handy thingamajig.


Needed one of these, thanks.


Thanks For This

cheers just broke my last one :whistling:

I just chuck 4/5 dessest spoons of washing powder( way less than the recomended amount) in and about half a cap of softner. Put the old machine on the quickest and coldest cycle and my washing turns out fine. The powder manufacturers are taking the p!ss with there dossages.:whistling:

Anyway thanks, I'll have anything free.

I remember an experiment that was done on TV where they compared 2 loads of dirty washing. Both loads were done in the same washing machines, difference was that one load had washing powder and the other load had none.
Guess what, both loads came out clean with no stains left at all. They said that it is the action of the washing machine that takes out most of the dirt and that we do put too much washing powder in our machines :w00t:
Just thought I would mention it.
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