Free Megadeth Track

Free Megadeth Track

Found 7th Jul 2009
Head over to the roadrunner site to download Megadeth's new track from their upcoming album "Endgame", it will become avaiable at 4pm and is free to download.


am assuming this is cold because not alot of Megadeth fans here!!..i dont like hot dogs so should i vote them cold when they are 1p a tin and posted here???......nah i only vote on stuff that appeals to me
well its free hot as im a fan and it appeals to me

MEGADETH! Woo! This definatly needs more heat

Gets a hot from me, Megadeth have been really back on form of late.

not heard the track but hot for me

i did not like it..

It certainly crushed my head oowwwww

Missed it!

I downloaded this, awesome song. Looking forward to new album.
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