Free membership for purple parking + 10% quidco
Free membership for purple parking + 10% quidco

Free membership for purple parking + 10% quidco

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great if your looking for parking at airports
go to purple parking through quidco and join through there free membership and youll get a discount on there prices its not alot but hey a saving is a saving
plus you get 10% aswell through quidco
everyones a winner baby


Membership has always been free

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right but not everyone knew that so you had to vote it cold because ??????????????


i am a newbie

how do you add heat?

Hi and welcome,
you click on red and blue triangles by the temprature bar,

thanks very much

how can you tell if someone has voted hot or cold?
does itshow up somewhere?

cold because its in the freebie section and its not a promotional freebie its just something you could find out by using google and not the cheapest option avaliable.


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well im sorry but as you can see it was my 1st post and seeing that the mebership was FREE i put it in the freebie section im sorry i offended you so much i shall take much better care in where i place things that i find in future
please accept my sincerest apologies!:?

You haven't offended me, but clearly I have you. But I dont concider email membership a "freebie" as its free just about everywhere. Would be like posting hotmail in the freebies section. Just my opinion anyway as unwanted as it was.

Even if it can be found on google,it has been proved that this is a helpful post as it has helped at least one person.Thank you for your first post tarby.We all have to start somewhere.:thumbsup:
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