FREE membership of car accident recovery etc scheme

FREE membership of car accident recovery etc scheme

Found 30th Apr 2009
Valuable services and savings with our FREE membership

Become a member for FREE and you and your family will have immediate access to our 24-hour members' helpline that triggers all our other services. In the unfortunate event of a road accident just call us first and, no matter who was at fault, we will:

* Recover your vehicle from the scene of the accident if it is undriveable

If the accident wasn't your fault, we will also:

* Repair your vehicle,
* Replace your vehicle on a like-for-like basis,
* Report your accident to your insurers,
* Recoup your losses, and
* Give you expert legal support

We'll do all this without claiming on your own insurance, so you won't even have to pay the excess on your motor insurance policy!

Your free membership also entitles you and your family to the following discounts:

* Special discounts on vehicle servicing and MOTs at over 600 garages nationwide; and
* Best-buy rates on vehicle hire in the UK and 127 other countries worldwide
* Simply being our member stands to save you money, too!

Membership is for your whole family and all the vehicles your family owns. So as well as becoming a member yourself, feel free to register as many other members of your family as you wish.



Sounds too good to be true, but I've registered my partner & myself anyway. Will see what the membership pack contains when it arrives.

Worth a try, heat & rep added

waste of time!

"if the accident is not your fault" ie they are not giving you anything which you could not get anywhere else for free as if not your fault then all costs are paid by other party...

This is a bit of an ambulance chaser offer. They're costs are covered and claimed for through the other party's insurance. And as already stated - most good insurance policies will already include the above services anyway.

May be good for those with basic insurance policies.

I think its worth a shot
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