FREE Mini Diorshow Iconic Mascara - Voucher
FREE Mini Diorshow Iconic Mascara - Voucher

FREE Mini Diorshow Iconic Mascara - Voucher

Skip the intro using the button on the bottom right side of the page and then click 'Collect your complimentary sample' also located on the bottom right in small print. Register by filling in your details to print your personal invitation to your Dior counter and redeem for a FREE sample of Diorshow Iconic Mascara. Valid until 30/10/2008.


great one thanks!!

Great Deal, Great Mascara,


thanx,just hope the voucher works,im gettin low on mascara!! ;-D

Great find, I'm off to get one now and I'm a bloke!

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]wicked find- I love bit of free make up![/COLOR]

Picked mine up this afternoon. Will be perfect for me as I dont use it often and I was in need too!

Found it impossible to select UK in country drop menu. Was flicking over at 100mph. Finally submitted it with my address in "West Indies" - that's where the flicking stopped! LOL

nice one thanks

Where can you collect?

Got mine from Boots today... the woman gave me 2 and I figure you can go to more than one shop. She didn't take voucher from me so can use it again. Think Debenhams would take it too...

Brilliant - lets hope they've still some in stock today!


super spot

heat added

thanks welshy x

Page wont come up for me

Great find but shame theres none in my town (southport)
fingers crossed they have a delivery soon =)

Can anyone help!! I submitted my application registration last week, but haven't heard anything as yet, I was wondering if I was doing somthing wrong?? Very new to this. I would really appriciate any advice..


after you put in your details it sends you to a page to print the voucher. nothing else. perhaps you have pop ups blocked or something? the voucher doesnt actually come up on screen if i remember rightly just your print box - tell it to print and hey presto!


Thanks for the voucher i printed a couple for my mam and daugher

yaay! got mine yesterday!
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