Free Mobile Credits from Cokezone + 50p quidco
Free Mobile Credits from Cokezone + 50p quidco

Free Mobile Credits from Cokezone + 50p quidco

Registering a cokezone account gives you 7 points [i think]
answer the question of month gives you 2 points
each entry cost 2 points
I made 5 entries and got 2 pounds already

you can also get 50p from quidco

Terms and Conditions
Instant Win Free £1 mobile credit
1.This instant win is open to consumers aged 16 (sixteen) years or over who are residents of Great Britain, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man only, excluding employees and their immediate families of Coca-Cola Great Britain, Coca-Cola Enterprises Limited and anyone else professionally connected with the promotion. Please make sure you have the permission of the bill-payer before participating.
2. To participate you will need to have a GB Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly SIM card from 3, Asda Mobile, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Tesco Mobile or Vodafone, as well as a Coke Zone account and a sufficient point balance. Each entry costs 2 points which will be debited from your balance on entry. There is no restriction on the number of entries any member can make. To get an account please register. If you already have a Coke Zone account you will need to log in. To get points, please enter the codes please enter the codes printed on specially marked packs of Coca-Cola, diet Coke and Coke Zero made by Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd.
3.The Instant Win will run from 2/11/09 until midnight on 8/11/09.
4.Winning moments have been randomly allocated under independent supervision throughout the promotional period and winners will be informed by SMS within 7 days.
5.There are 2,000 Prizes consisting of £1 of airtime from 3, Asda Mobile, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Tesco Mobile or Vodafone. There are no cash or other alternative prizes available.
6.The Promoter reserves the right to amend, alter or withdraw the Instant Win as necessary due to exceptional circumstances outside its reasonable control.
7.To the fullest extent allowed by law, the Promoter accepts no responsibility for any loss which is not forseeable or arises as a result of the use of the prize.
8.The names and counties of the winners will be available on request by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Coca-Cola Win a FREE £1 mobile credit Xmas, Carlson Marketing, Carlson Court, 116 Putney Bridge Road, London, SW15 2NQ within three months of the final closing dates.
9.The Promoters decision regarding all promotional matters is final and binding.
10.Conduct of participation. By entering, all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the Coke Zone and Instant Win Terms and Conditions. The Promoter may at its sole discretion disqualify any entrant found to be tampering with the entry process or operation of the website, or to be acting in any manner deemed to be disruptive to the promotion. This Promotion is subject to the Coke Zone Privacy policy.
Promoter: Coca-Cola Great Britain, 1 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9HQ.



we can use the refer friend system to get more points just leave your … we can use the refer friend system to get more points just leave your email here~

Don't exchange referrals please

Original Poster

edited~ sorry about that~

yay got £1 on my first go

lost on all three goes

ah well good deal anyway

upon entering my mobile number i get
Houston, we have a problem! Please come back and try again later. We're on it.

THANKS - used 10 points won £5 in credit, won every time. :thumbsup:

you lucky 13ugger

Cheers :thumbsup:

They don't sell these promotional bottles in Norn Iron and I drink a load of coke :-(

Heat added though for the 50p and a gamble.

Tried 6 times and got nothing. Oh well.

About the Quidco thing have you read this when clicking the referal link?

Please read the following before proceeding:One registration per member, … Please read the following before proceeding:One registration per member, abuse will result in your account being suspended and payments frozen.Enquiries will not be supported for this merchant.

i have a pay monthly vodafone, i tried first time and won, supposed to recieve a text, its been a minute now and no text :s does it not work for contract? (like credits account with £1)

Tried 10 times and got nowt. Ho well...

Is this still not competition? Not a freebie? It's still a draw of sorts...

whooo tried 5 times won twice just awaiting a comfirmation text xx

its only for pay and go. the credit will go on your phone in a few hours then you get the text a few hours after that.

oh and ive won £20 so far. lol

wonder how long the confirmation tezxt takes.. anyone?

tried19 times nothing

i'm surprised you have not been voted cold... i posted a coke zone pro mo got nothing but [email protected]@ from ungreatfull ppl i posted that the top freebie was up for grabs and said be quick but got told this type of thing is not a freebie cos you had to buy the coke ??? blah blah blah blah and all that rubbish....b4 you shoot me down i think this as was mine a freebie but hey well done for not being voted cold for doing the same as i did..............


wonder how long the confirmation tezxt takes.. anyone?

a few hours for the £1 to appear on your balance (3-6 hours) then a few hours more for the text (3-10 hours)

got the text, im on pay monthly contract with vodafone, took 36hrs for the text, that was a win first go, tried another 6 times and only one once, still £2 though

what the hell? is this just pure luck or is there actually a method of doing it?

careful with this - of you register too many accounts cokezone will look into it.. its luck btw - ive won 5 or 6 times in about 30+ tries..
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