FREE Mobyko Premium Account (worth £25) - Phone Backup and Free Texts (+ £5 Quidco cashback?)

FREE Mobyko Premium Account (worth £25) - Phone Backup and Free Texts (+ £5 Quidco cashback?)

Found 27th Mar 2008
Mobyko is the simple and easy way to save all your names and numbers to one safe place. So now if you lose your phone, your life doesn't go with it! Sign up and your worries will soon be over.

Enter "CNET" as promo code and receive 100 free texts, 10 credits, priority customer help line and 2.5 times more storage.


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I forgot to add... Apparently Quidco is offering at least £2 cashback too (free subscription). There is a £5 cashback on the premium membership but I'm not sure it works for this offer.

What we offer you - the premium service

We offer an annual subscription to our Premium service, which gives subscribers 10 credits for redemption against any 10 items of video or art from our Mobyko Knows section, 100 text messages, two and a half times more online storage of personal content and a priority customer help line (the "Premium Service").

The subscription to our Premium Service is for 12 months from the date that your subscription is activated.

More small print ]here.

Review on ]CNET

Losing your phone can be devastating, especially if you haven't backed up any of its content. There's no need to get caught out -- Mobyko allows you to backup contacts, text messages, pictures and videos to the Internet.

It's very easy to use and comes with a few extras we find really useful, such as being able to text message people straight from your PC's Web browser. This means you can use a proper keyboard -- it even sends the texts using your mobile number, so there's no confusion. Mobyko charges for this, but you can buy bundles to reduce the cost per message.

Mobyko has been kind enough to offer readers a premium account worth £25 for free. Premium users get 100 free texts to send from any computer, extra storage space for photos, videos & texts and VIP customer support, including 24/7 online help. All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is enter the word CNET where it says, "Do you have a promo code?" on the Mobyko homepage, when you join.

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Is there any reason why this has sunk from 9°C an hour ago to now -5°C? It costs absolutely nothing and can even earn you some cashback, I thought that would be a good deal???
Or maybe there's something I don't know that makes it a bad deal although it's a freebie, but it would be nice then if you could leave some feedback here for the rest of us. Thanks in advance!

Some People Just Vote Cold Without Justifying The Cold Vote!!!!!!!!!


EASY £2 - Thanks!!!

From quidco....

''One per user. Please note that the use of a voucher code which reduces premium service to free will result in the cashback applicable for a free account.'' txts I suppose:thumbsup:

I cant get the free texts to work. Just says "the text could not be sent" Anybody else have the same problem?

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posted 6 days … posted 6 days ago. cool reception.

I saw this one but that was the standard basic account which is free for everyone. This is for the Premium account, which adds 100 texts to that, 10 credits, premium support and 2.5 times more storage space, to the basic offer.

Finger's crossed it's not a site for gathering numbers and selling them on. Heated none the less as I don't have my own number on my phone - I'll use a PAYG card to register, my number stays safe and I get to keep my phone book backed up away from my own PC - which I fear for... Slow as heckers like!
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