Free money £1.50: Get 1 months Which? subscription (worth £9.75) for £1 and you'll get £2.50 cashback @ Quidco

Free money £1.50: Get 1 months Which? subscription (worth £9.75) for £1 and you'll get £2.50 cashback @ Quidco

Found 23rd Jun 2013
Grab £1.50 for Which? 1-month subscription through Quidco
Pay £1 and get £2.50 cashback
Then you'll need to cancel your subscription during the 1-month trial period. Otherwise they'll continue your subscription and charge you normal monthly rate £9.75

This offer also applies on TCB for £2.52 cashback so you'll get £1.52

How do you cancel?
You can cancel at any time during your trial month. When the first trial month trial has passed, we ask that you give us at least seven days’ notice before your next payment is due.
You can email or call us on 01992 822 800. When you get in touch please quote your name, address and membership number. If you contact us by email it would be useful if you could use the subject line 'Cancel' – don’t worry if you forget, your cancellation request will still be processed

Summary of offer
What’s included in the 1 month trial for £1.00?
By trying Which? you can log in to at any time to gain unlimited access to all member areas of the site – this includes all our product reviews, test scores and Best Buy or Don’t Buy ratings.
You can explore all the services available to Which? members – this includes; local trader recommendations with Which? Local, unlimited access to qualified legal professionals by phone for consumer issues and instant access to car valuations.
We’ll also help you stay up to date with the latest news and reviews by sending you an email each week and posting you a copy of Which? magazine.
What do you pay?
You pay £1.00 for your first trial month. After your trial month has passed, payments of £9.75 (including VAT) will be automatically requested monthly. When you sign up for your trial we ask you to provide payment details, this is to ensure your access continues without interruption, as these payment details will be used for your monthly payments.
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Cold, huh? Please, if you're voting a clear free-money deal cold, tell people why.
maybe it's too much of a hassle for some people, and you have to supple bank details etc
and you've got no guarantee quidco will pay
Because this is terrible compared to deals they've offered in the past.
I got 1 month Which? last year for £1, with £2.50 cash bach + £15 John Lewis vouchers.

And as stated, your not guaranteed cash back from quid co. So at very best this is a deal and not a freebie.
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