Free Morgan's Spiced & Cola

Free Morgan's Spiced & Cola

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Simple, fill out the form on the website and get a voucher to print off for a free sample of Morgan's Spiced & Cola


How weird - I was just printing my voucher when I noticed the advert for Morgan's Spiced was on the TV.

Thanks for posting



oooh heat

Have some

Wherabouts is the voucher? Top offer this

cheers bud


It`s possible to print multiple coupons!!!

hey when print, when u get 2 the tryn'again screen, press f5 like, different voucher code same name bro, u can only f5 it once according to mse, steve

on voucher, it says one per person per transaction, so i will go tesco's, then i will go in tesco's again, but different till, cos it per transaction like

forgot to thanks to DI! and voted hot
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Is it me or is it an apple device flash problem, but I never got a voucher :((


Nice one!

I managed to print off 2 after pressing F5.....and checked it has 2 different voucher codes.....cheers!!

i cannot find where the voucher is !!!


how about paticipating retailers then?


I have just done a quick trip around our local; Tescos Waitrose. Coop Morrison nobody sells it any one any idea who does sell it other wise a waste of printing ou 10 vouchers

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how about paticipating retailers then?

Yes, that's the only thing I'm not sure one. I visited my local Tesco & CO-OP last night, but they didn't have any in They had plenty of the Smirnoff cans in though for the other deal!


Clicked to print it off, but just came out the printer saying "Thank you for printing your coupon". ???!!!


I love free booze!



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expressman33 / TESCO / … / TESCO / SAINSBURYS


been to 4 tescos in our area and none of them stock this morgan spiced and coke, but they all had the smirnoff....

Aparrantly Tesco don't accept printed vouchers anymore. Will try Asda later

Had loads in stock in my Asda. Tons of the Smirnoff and coke too from the other boozey offer. Looking forward to trying this. maybe abit early at the moment though!

"We're sorry- this campaign has now closed"

Just worked for me.

fab freebie xxxxx oO enjoying mine now xxx

Just worked for me "twice cause the first one had a problem )

Asda here we come

Thanks! HOT

:-( said now closed to me :-( so i think I missed it

Does the voucher have anything on it apart from a pic of the product - no bar code on mine!!

expired as no longer available, same company as smirnoff it would appear


have asked for this to be unexpired as it is now back open again


Aparrantly Tesco don't accept printed vouchers anymore. Will try Asda … Aparrantly Tesco don't accept printed vouchers anymore. Will try Asda later

They do, I bought 6 cans at the self serve machine and got all 6 free, the person who authorises the tills didn't even bother to check.

whats to stop us just photo copying it and going else where?
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