Free motor legal insurance @

Free motor legal insurance @



interesting. awaiting the debate ....
Ok just to make a clear distinction, MLP has two sides the advise side and funding. Funding is important if you are pursuing an claim for injury or something is going to court as it pays the fees. Most people think well the other side will pay for it, but when they lose the big bill at the end will come there way unless they have MLP or pay for a policy after the incident. MLP subject to policy terms being adhered to covers it.

Additionally the site above is simply an Accident management company, they provide free advise in the hope when a accident happens you call them and they get a referral.

Also most important fact "Free Motor Legal is not an insurance policy, it is a membership service. As such Free Motor Legal endeavours to provide all services described, subject to reasonable prospects of success and the Terms and Conditions of our service providers"

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A rouse to get your details so when you have an accident, you think you have legal expenses. What you have is a fancy arrangement where details will be sent to a no win no fee lawyer.
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My understanding of is that no fees will be deducted from your compensation; they take on no fault claims (and even disputed fault claims) if they think the claim will be successful; they will not take them on if they are unlikely to be successful; just as with other providers of this type of insurance, if you lose your claim you may/may not have to pay the other side's costs - check the T&Cs, whichever provider you use. 'No win no fee' does not necessarily mean you don't have to pay the other side's costs if you lose; it only means if you win you don't pay the fees/costs of your legal representative and they claim their costs from the other side. So even if they say 'No win no fee' you should ensure that your legal people won't charge their costs or the other side's costs if you lose. If you are interested, check the fml. website via the link I included in my OP to get the correct facts.

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So is the basically the same as the optional extra many insurers offer for a surcharge ?
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happymanuk - yes it is. Its a pity some people 'muddy the waters' because they fail to understand the facts, thus confusing the situation for others.
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