Free Motorcycle Safety DVD
Free Motorcycle Safety DVD

Free Motorcycle Safety DVD

The Highways Agency has produced a free interactive DVD to help motorcyclists keep safe while riding. Using clever filming techniques, it puts you on the bike, inside the helmet and close to the road, helping you to identify hazards and 'read the road'.

Where to get a copy
The DVD will be distributed at events organised or attended by the Highways Agency and its partners.
You can also order one by calling the Highways Agency Information Line on 08457 504030.
Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: "The new 'Great Roads Great Rides 2' DVD is a valuable addition to the existing materials designed to improve the safety of motorcyclists.
"Filmed using helicopter views and cameras on the bike and helmet, it gives riders an invaluable view of the road, helping to sharpen up their observation skills and riding technique."
An online version of the video can be viewed by following the link below.




Superb, and just at the right time.

It would be nice if they gave it away to anyone who has just taken their CBT

Meanwhile here is an online version for anyone who wishes to see it


Thanks, also notice you can watch the whole 14 minutes online at public.tv too with the link further down the page (not the except version at the top).

A must have for all cagers :whistling:

good idea but i think they really need to give these to all car drivers, apart from the odd idiots youll find most bike riders have better perception than the average car drivers, we need this to second guess what the car idiots are going to do next

cheers, ordered one for hubby as he's just passed his bike test

Cheers just passed my cbt great timing
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