FREE "Motorcycle stands for Dummies" DIY BIKE LIFT PLANS!

FREE "Motorcycle stands for Dummies" DIY BIKE LIFT PLANS!

Found 20th Apr 2010
Stumbled accross these plans for a motorcycle "box" or stand / lift.

After finding the commercial stands are way over £300 i was stumped and decided the next best thing is to DIY one myself.

Found these plans for a VERY easy DIY stand that can hold a hayabusa + 1 person and more!

It also flat packs for storage and has no screw / metal parts at all!
its all slotted into place for easy storage!

Hope this helps someone else!
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Look how close that rear paddock stand is to the edge - not sure i would want to trust my bikes on that although i understand this as being free - the £300 bike lifts keep the bike safe and secure as you raise it - £300 well spent in my eyes as if/when the bike slips off this the fairing damage etc will cost this
Nice bikes poo stand?
I think it's a great idea but, like what was spotted by Jez15, for me the top is too narrow and not a lot of room for error. I personally would make this, but instead of a 2 foot width I'd buy extra ply boards and go for atleast a 3 foot width.

I know this is supposed to be made out of 2 full 8 x 4 foot boards, but one miss alignment or slip with a foot while dismounting and your pride and joy is a pile of metal and smashed plastic on the garage floor.
this is just a guide and as with all can make it to your own preference.
This guy has made something strong and sturdy to hold a bike and a person!
Make this thing 8ft x 4ft at the top and its going to give pleanty of space for the bike to be safe.
Also you can add wheel clamps to make it even more secure if required.
Would make a good summer project!
It's free....good by me, you could always buy another shhet of ply and make it that much bigger. Or drop the height by 6inches and add that to the width.

1st board 30" top, 18" side. 2nd board 30" side, 18" by 30" slat 2 off. 18" by 24" front slat. Simples.

Hey will fit my SV650 too......but it's up for sale...anyone want to buy it?

What seat unit and fairing is that on the SV?
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