Free Movies @ Xperia Lounge!
Free Movies @ Xperia Lounge!

Free Movies @ Xperia Lounge!

Amazing Spiderman 2, Captain Philips, Ghostbusters Hd.

Free Movies if you have Xperia Lounge on your phone. Checked on my Z3 Compact and these popped up. All in HD. Enjoy

Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.


think it may be z3 specific have xperiaz and it doesn't pop up for me good deal for those who can get it heat added

Not showing on Z1 or Xperia Tablet Z either, but heat for those who have Z3!

Yeah it z3 series only

Works well on Z3. Thanks, OP.

Could just get Showbox?

don't think it works on z3 tablet

Worked fine for me. Xperia Z3.

just got these also on z3 compact. great spot!

Not showing on Z2.

Z3 links worked ok (once got my passwords right) not downloaded yet but check on pc and they are listed and SD ready for downloading but says HD owned but no link to download.
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