Free MP3 Download - Ben Lukas Boysen XLR8R Podcast.

Free MP3 Download - Ben Lukas Boysen XLR8R Podcast.

Found 20th May 2017
XLR8RPodcast 490: Ben Lukas Boysen

Ben Lukas Boysen, also known by his stage name Hecq, is an electronic music composer..

"Recording this session was a huge deal for me," he says. It is, he continues, the first time he's gone into the studio and recorded a jam session; all his music to this date has been programmed and written over time rather than improvised on the spot with a band in place. The result is a 30-minute composition featuring specially recorded versions of many of his favorite works, a special, special piece of work straight from his Berlin recording studio.

01. Nocturne 3 (XLR8R Live Version)
02. Sleepers Beat Theme (XLR8R Live Version)
03. Golden Times (XLR8R Live Version)
04. Nocturne 1 (XLR8R Live Version)
05. Gravity (XLR8R Live Version)
06. Nocturne 4 (XLR8R Live Version)

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