Free MP3 everyday from CnetMusic (, etc) + 14 days archive

Free MP3 everyday from CnetMusic (, etc) + 14 days archive

Found 14th Apr 2008
**Before voting cold, just bear in mind that it is free... No registration needed, nothing**

Free is a good thing--no, it's a great thing. So with that in mind, welcome to the world of CNET Download Music. We've been growing our library of free MP3s since our site launched in 2004, and today that collection stands at more than 110,000 songs.

Such a big collection can be hard to navigate, though, even for seasoned fans. Which is exactly the point of this page.

Each day we highlight one artist from our catalog who has at least one MP3 for free download. Simply follow the links below to each artist's page, click on the "Download Free MP3" link, and your download will begin. (You can also listen to the song before you download--just click the yellow "Play" button to launch our media player.) And remember: At Download Music there's no DRM, and no registration is necessary. Bookmark this page and come back again tomorrow, where we'll have a new featured artist.

Facebook users take note: We've also created a cool Facebook app that brings each day's free song right to your profile page.


Add to that list.

This is very useful - thanks! :thumbsup:

I wish there was some easy way to see all the free MP3s on CNET - I've found tracks from top artists before - but only by randomly searching.…555

This page (hopefully the link works) lists all the previous free mp3s of the day
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