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Free -Mr Kipling 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies BBE 18/01 are FREE (No Limit) Instore @ The Company Shop (Middleton)

In store: Greater Manchester · Company Shop Deals
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4071590_1.jpg4071590_1.jpgMr Kipling 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies are FREE INSTORE @ The Company Shop Middleton! 🌞
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    just a note, they have thick pastry and half filled, the regular tesco ones my mum bought tasted better, for free though cant complain although mine werent free obviously. The tesco reviews are right on point about these.
    anything that is free increases it's taste value! its bloody free so take a box and try them out to see if you would ever buy? ur comment was pointless
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    Please tell the local homeless charity
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    Perhaps donate them to food shelters?
    Customers could also get & donate them too! No limits aswell! 🌞
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    These are pretty meh
    It’s free.
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    Will anyone post me some packs? Can't get any mince pies where I am and my 5 year old doesn't accept that they are only available at Xmas!
    Morrisons sell them all year round, I'm sure others do too.
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    Paid 50p for two boxes there yesterday. What a fool I am.
    I would be mortified
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    BBE today 18/01. Kipling mince pies do go off pretty quick. They dry up and don't taste great. Nice of the shop to give them away though. 👌
    Lol they last for ages
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    Exceedingly good deal (edited)
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    agreed should go to homeless, charity and food banks
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    Coming soon to a corner shop near you at £1.00 a box
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    I do love a mince pie but i live way to far from there
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    Do they come with a gym membership? heat added
    No but they come with an extra box if you want them
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    If l lived closer I might have had a mince by and picked a few boxes up.
    Ooohh you are awful - but I like you...49352153-sWpZo.jpg
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    Nice one Umar1980. I Love Mince pies. 🔥🔥🔥
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    Didn’t see any in the Washington shop
    not much in the way of cheap food there, Aldi is cheaper for the equivalent (edited)
    I went in one of these shops and it had Aldi across the road and b&m 2 doors down, felt as though this store literally bought the stuff from other bigger stores and stocked them inside theirs. The atmosphere and experience was nasty, honestly felt like it had no character and wholeheartedly agree. Aldi had everything this store had for cheaper. Didn't understand anyone going in to buy anything because it was so expensive even compared to my tesco. walked away not ever wanting to go back
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    That's breakfast, lunch and dinner for the month sorted. Britain 2023 .
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    I always thought she had a fantastic set of mince pies on her
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    Do they do free click and collect for these ?
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    My local Tesco had loads on sale for 7p for a couple of days but then gave them all to charity
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    Paid 50p for five boxes yesterday Do you think they do refunds ?
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