Free Music Online @ We7
Free Music Online @ We7

Free Music Online @ We7


Good site, the music sounds clearer and more vibrant than itunes to me. Ads at the start of each song but only on for a second or two. Cheers :thumbsup:

Fantastic site and it plays the top 40 singles each week, HOT HOT HOT

Good site loving the Malcolm McLaren playlist, cheers Carlma. Have some rep

its preview only for most of them though,..

Been around for ages, but yeahh good site.. but imo spotify.

Great site thanks

cool site

Spotify still gets my vote.

Sportify any day

Good site, as others said, Spotify and listen.grooveshark.com/ are also good

The bitrate on we7 is alot higher than itunes, I go here first before I go to itunes.
Heat added.
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