Free Music Streaming (like spotify) FOR FREE @

Free Music Streaming (like spotify) FOR FREE @

Found 3rd Dec 2010
just like spotify ( but with no audio adverts)

you can listen to albums free and also create and save a playlist that you may want to create.

(free account can create and save playlist online)

playlists will not work on a phone unless you have vip account

its been over a month since i last posted this

iphone and itouch must be jail-broken to work with the VIP service.

This free version definitely has no adverts contrary to what others are saying below...

It's a great idea for those who use free Spotify accounts and get bombarded by ads.

Grooveshark is an internationally-available[2] online music search engine, music streaming service and music recommendation web software application, allowing users to search for, stream, and upload music free of charge that can be played immediately or added to a playlist. Grooveshark streams 50 to 60 million songs per month, to more than 400,000 users. As of April 2009[update], its audience was growing at a rate of 2-3% per day.[3]


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i last posted this over 2 months ago

Shame that any support is for VIP's only, great little site though.

Thank you

There is also an iphone app for those who are Jailbroken, available in Cydia.

I've been using We7, I much prefer it to spotify. But this looks even better!

However if wikipedia is at all accurate, there are some legal issues surrounding this, as no loyalties are paid, as its just what people upload, so its not much different to File sharing really!
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