Free N-Gage Game 5000 To Give Away

Free N-Gage Game 5000 To Give Away

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Found 25th Apr 2009
Yes, youve read well. The official website of Need For Speed Undercover game for N-Gage platform is giving away free codes so you can get the game for free! Pretty cool, ah?

There is only 5,000 codes available, so dont wait too much and go get your code at the Official Need For Speed page for N-Gage. You can also try a trial version pressing here. NE3D 4 5P33D Find out how this code can entitle you to a free game, go to the Official Game Site.

All you need to do is click on the button that says "Competition" and follow the instructons.. you get the code in an email


doesnt look like you get NFS for free? Its 3 other games and you choose one...

am i blind i cant see the comp button lol


am i blind i cant see the comp button lol

Choose a language, click the Need for Speed box, and then at the bottom of the page click on the pack of cards.

But the OP got it wrong. The codes are not for Need for Speed. They're for one of the following games: Reset Generation, Mile High Pinball and Pro Series Golf.

Did they sell that many Ngages?

Ngage is on many of the Nokias you can buy today.. it is an application on all of their smart phones, instead of a system soley made for it.

to be fair ngage is better than i expected, i just cant be bothered to actually pay to play games on my phone nowadays. but the platform is certainly impressive (after playing fifa09)
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