Free NannyCare Goat Growing Up Milk - EMAIL [email protected]
Free NannyCare Goat Growing Up Milk - EMAIL enquiry@vitacare.co.uk

Free NannyCare Goat Growing Up Milk - EMAIL [email protected]

For a complimentary sachet of NANNYcare Goat Growing-Up Milk please send your address details to: [email protected]vitacare.co.uk

Nutritionally, goat milk has certain physical properties, in relation to its curd formation and fat characteristics, which suggest that it can be more easily digested and is gentler on the digestive system.

Unique protein profile resulting in smaller, softer curds for easy digestion
Reduced gut permeability due to factors in goat milk which promote improved gut health
Readily absorbed medium-chain fatty acids
Goat milk base from pasture-fed New Zealand goats raised without stimulants and hormones
Fortified with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for health and growth
Free of added sucrose and glucose syrups
Delicious tasting and may be used in cooked dishes

NANNYcare® Goat Growing-Up Milk is specially formulated to enhance and fortify goat milk to better suit the nutritional needs of toddlers and young children (1-3 years). Trial sachets available.

Find out more about the advantages of goat milk...
Significant nutritional benefits over cows milk and also standard goat milk
Fortified with iron to protect against deficiency
Good source of calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth
Lower in sodium and saturated fat
Excellent nutritional insurance policy for toddlers
Unique protein profile and readily absorbed medium-chain fatty acids for easy digestion
Goat milk base from pasture-fed New Zealand goats raised without stimulants and hormones
Delicious tasting and free of added sucrose and glucose syrups
May be used to replace all milk intake including in cooked dishes


:thumbsup: give it to the cats:-D

Original Poster


:thumbsup: give it to the cats:-D

good idea! :thumbsup:

Oh why not just do natural milk, why would women give there babys goats milk............... its odd, they find it shamefull to breasfead, and would rather give it milk from a goat! :w00t:

Ah young kids 1 - 3 years old. too old for breasfeeding, :oops:

I'm gonna give it a try myself: love goats' cheese. perhaps this is just as tasty??

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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I emailed them yesterday and I received 2 samples this morning [/COLOR] :thumbsup:

I also emailed yesterday, and received 2 sachets today, with a hand written note.

I do actually have a 1 year old dd who has an intolerance to cows milk, so I'm hoping that she'll benefit from this, shame its £8.95 a tin though, a bit steep!!!

Ive been giving this for my son since he was 1yr n 2 months he will be 3 soon, he has allergy with milk really badly. I have never tried it but seems like he likes it.

and yes its expensive too.

Lol, to the person who mentioned why give your child milk from a goat - well exactly the same reason we give our kiddies (and ourselves) milk from cows.

I was at a surestart meeting once and a lady asked about instead of weening her baby on to cows milk, if goats milk would be ok. Now the two health visitors running the class thought this ridiculous, laughing and saying well your baby is not a baby goat, why on earth would you want to give it goats milk :? Duh, So i thought this hillarious and ludicrous they they were being so rude and chimed in and said, ''no but her baby isn't a baby cow either but your advising cows milk'' - needless to say they felt very stupid. AND these were HEALTH VISITORS. Needless to say i never bothered going back, nor did a few other women. My daughter is perfectly fine 3 yrs on - I have heard some crazy things so don't always take what the ''proffessionals'' say as gospel - they sometimes get it very wrong too:roll:.

Breastmilk is obviously best for as long as poss but not everyone can successfully breastfeed, but cows milk is fine and goats milk is just as good and better in some ways if you can handle to distinct taste - particularly great for those who are intollerant to cows milk ;-)
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