Free National Geographic Desktop Wallpapers

Free National Geographic Desktop Wallpapers

Found 14th Nov 2009
This has been posted before, however it could interest new members of HUKD
A fine collection of free wallpaper images that are sure to liven up your computer desktop. Some of the imagery used here is breathtaking and there's plenty to choose from! Various resolution sizes are available.


beatuiful images, heated up!


beatuiful images, heated up!

+1 ive got the penguin downloaded onto my desktop now, think its from august edition have some heat:thumbsup:

fantastic images

Wow, fascinating.... I thought I recognised the mountain view of Syria!

on widescreen displays it cuts off the crappy text they add at the bottom

Good Find Nice Wallpapers downloaded :-)

Shame their not big enough for my monitor

Nice one OP

nice one OP:thumbsup:
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