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Posted 27 April 2023

Free National Trust Family Day Pass via online registration at Wales Online / Other Reach PLC Titles 200,000 Passes @ National Trust

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You can now claim a pass for free (no newspaper purchase required). Click the terms & conditions link below to see excluded properties and dates.

Claim your free pass here (account registration required)

Terms and conditions
1. The National Trust family pass is for admission only and excludes car parking charges.
2. The National Trust family pass is a single-use pass and may only be used once.
3. Only one National Trust family pass per household will be permitted.
4. The promotion is open to anyone who is a resident of England, Wales and NI except employees of Reach PLC or National Trust and their immediate families.
5. To redeem the free National Trust family pass, you will need to cut out the in-paper voucher or present the email with your free family pass to a member of staff at your chosen National Trust site. Mobile coverage may be limited at the National Trust property you choose to visit, please download to your device, or print the email.
6. The National Trust family pass is a single-use pass which allows 2 adults and up to 3 children or 1 adult and up to 4 children to receive free admission to a National Trust property of your choice.
7. Adults are those aged over 18; children are those aged between 5 – 17; under 5s receive free admission at National Trust properties.
8. The National Trust family pass will be valid for use from the date of receiving your in-paper voucher or email through to Friday June 30, 2023.

9.The National Trust family pass is valid from Monday to Sunday at National Trust properties within advertised opening hours, excluding bank holiday weekends. The pass is not valid on April 29, April 30 or May 1; Saturday 6, Sunday 7 or May 8 and Saturday May 27, Sunday May 28 or May 29, 2023.
10. There are some exclusions on National Trust venues / properties included in this promotion and special events are not included. Some properties require advance booking. For a link to the excluded properties, as well as details of how to book certain properties in advance, see below.

How to book at a bookable property:

  • Visit the participating property’s website, click ‘Book a Visit’.
  • Select two ‘Non-member adult (aged 18+)’ tickets.
  • Click ‘Select your session’.
  • Choose your visit date during the redemption period.
  • Choose your session time and click ‘Book’.
  • Click ‘Go to Basket’.
  • Enter discount code ReachPLCFreeAccess in the discount code box and click ‘Apply’.
  • If your basket includes the correct ticket (family pass), during the redemption period (excluding April 29, April 30, May 1; Saturday 6, Sunday 7, May 8 and Saturday May 27, Sunday May 28, May 29, 2023) your basket includes the correct tickets (two adults), during the redemption period (Sun 2 April – Sun 23 April 2023 - excluding April 7-April 11) the discount will be applied.
  • Click ‘Checkout’ to complete the transaction. Once completed you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Bring along both your booking confirmation and the cut out in-paper voucher or email voucher. Present these to the National Trust team member on arrival. The in paper voucher must be surrendered.
  • Without both the booking confirmation and the membership voucher we cannot guarantee entry, and without the voucher cut-out, you will not receive entry and will be charged the full admission price for the second adult at the property.


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  1. AG18's avatar
    I've just done it and it worked
  2. nimbusgamer's avatar
    I'm sure 200k vouchers can't have expired so quickly. Wales Online may have reached their quota? Try another Reach PLC publication e.g. birminghammail.co.uk/wha…489
    YouSay's avatar
    Liverpool Echo worked.
  3. darren.mitchellFaV's avatar
    Not open to us Scots ?
    sensiblewos's avatar
    For a serious answer (bridge tolls? Eh?) because we have the NTS in Scotland (separate org) the organisations have a reciprocal agreement where you can visit both org's properties with either membership. However, as the price varies between the two, I believe they have an agreement that they are not allowed to promote this outside their country/countries, so as not to poach members from across the border (or at least used to be when I worked for them). Used to be people down south would buy NTS membership as it was cheaper but gave same access as National Trust - actually, there is probably a hot deal in there somewhere
  4. Alice_Thomson's avatar
    OMG sorry for being thick but I cannot understand how to go to the participating website? What does that mean? Can someone please help? Much thanks
    Luke_Horst's avatar
    It takes you to Walesonline news, you can also Google it then look about half way through the article. They require you to sign-up to Wales online (use valid email) and they email the tickets
  5. Lilly_White's avatar
    All gone
  6. FCrux's avatar
    Can someone recommend a decent place to visit for a family with 2 yr and 1 old.. closer to West Midlands will be preferable? Thanks a lot
    rockyroad1's avatar
    Hanbury Hall is gorgeous, lots of gardens and parkland for running around with the family. Cafe, bookshop, kitchen gardens etc
  7. edmn's avatar
    Thank you, signed up. I'm presuming it's a generic barcode like previous, which can actually be used multiple times?

    The offer can be redeemed until June 30, excluding bank holiday weekends.

    Please note this family day pass is not valid across bank holiday weekends so the pass is not valid on April 29, April 30 or May 1; Saturday 6, Sunday 7 or May 8 and Saturday May 27, Sunday May 28 or May 29, 2023.
    Rebellion's avatar
    Yes its a generic barcode. Enjoy!
  8. Purin's avatar
    Got one but no number on the barcode, just a barcode. Where are people seeing the number?
    Tzahi's avatar
    We all got just a barcode but every barcode can be translated to a bunch of numbers. I've used an online website to convert the barcode to numbers just to check if the barcode is unique. It is not
  9. l33d5's avatar
    Code already expired 😔
    aml456's avatar
    Link in description works
  10. Smoking_Dealer69's avatar
    Anyone else finding it really hard to book through any kind of checkout? I want the Sheffield Park and Garden

    and you just get sent round in circles trying to get anything resembling a checkout page.
    alcoapple's avatar
    Just had a quick look on the location page and it states booking is not required for that location.
  11. chocolate2010's avatar
    Excludes all the bank holiday weekends in May.
    LGEARING's avatar
    There aren't many that aren't in May! Crafty.
  12. Tzahi's avatar
    The barcode I've received is 12007625120XX. I've replaced the last two digit with X.
    Is this specific one?
    giorgoXXI's avatar
    Same barcode. What's new is the fact you have to book, before they would just scan the barcode.
  13. ChopperKC's avatar
    Just got one 5 mins ago so not expired?! (edited)
  14. gansy88's avatar
    The promotional code you entered was not recognised - it may have expired. Please check and try again.

    I'm receiving the above error at the checkout page
    aml456's avatar
    Link in description works
  15. ella1971's avatar
    Brilliant, thank you. Still available 3rd May! 👌🏼
  16. ukros's avatar
    Thanks OP, got one
    That saved me having to buy any toilet paper, aka the Daily Star, today
    williamsofsoton's avatar
    My thoughts exactly... I saw last week in the ⭐ and thought I'd wait to see if it went online...
  17. phileep-philop's avatar
    From all the £20 coffee and cake sales they’ll make from us lot they’ll be the international trust soon.
  18. Nerval's avatar
    Excellent thank you. Got one. They tell you that you can only use it once, but just nod quietly and use it as often as you like.
    hereinyorkshire's avatar
    I used my last one three times in one weekend
  19. Dean_'s avatar
    This has just worked fine for me - Free trip out with the kids - thanks OP!
  20. hereinyorkshire's avatar
  21. wrihfowlh's avatar
    Thank you!
  22. warrior05's avatar
    Thank you OP
  23. pookey1's avatar
    Thank you very much
  24. Small_h's avatar
  25. HarryBobs's avatar
    Awesome got one thanks OP
  26. teebee666's avatar
    Wow thank you 🙏
  27. Hapzy's avatar
    Thanks. Got one.
  28. AvinashPat's avatar
    Thanks OP!!!
  29. Hannah_JonesHFI's avatar
    Great offer and thanks for sharing
  30. AMaky's avatar
    Shame can't use over bank holidays but will come in handy over a different weekend. (edited)
  31. Anglebox's avatar
    These offers are so regular is it even worth buying membership nowadays?
    doboworth's avatar
    There's a lot of the properties that you cannot visit or use this for. On top of the free parking at the venues.

    If you're going to one or two properties per year, obviously a membership makes no sense. But for those who have more time, then it's a bit of a no brainer I think!
  32. LeonJamesBrookes's avatar
    Thank you so much
  33. soapqueen040's avatar
    Thanks OP
  34. gigaspek's avatar
    Thanks, heat added
  35. vickyboy123's avatar
    If its the same barcode i guess i can use it at multiple locations?
  36. Stiffy1231's avatar
    Thanks OP - Nice find.
    The location I chose is slightly complicated in that you don't book entry, instead you just book the car park and then (I think!) just show them the barcode email to gain entry.
  37. littlemissnameless's avatar
    Has anyone had success with using this card on a family without kids, so essentially a couple (.....but not a couple in a relationship lol)? I'm in a family of adults would love to apply for this with my sister. So we are a family, but no kids.
    modmouse's avatar
    I've used these before two adults work fine no need for kids as well
  38. CheapLife's avatar
    I got one just now, worked fine
  39. Aariyan's avatar
    _Achilles_'s avatar
    You're joking, right? Wales is in the UK.
's avatar