Free Navigation on Samsung Jet + others
Free Navigation on Samsung Jet + others

Free Navigation on Samsung Jet + others

Managed to get free Sat Nav installed on my Samsung. There was no mention of navigation in the instructions on my phone. I'm on vodafone, but should work on all networks.

This is what I did (all legal by the way):

Activated Navigation in the settings on the phone, this just gives a navigation icon in the menu.

Inserted a micro SD card, as this is needed.

Went here: 66.com/sam…t=1

Download the software from the link above and followed instructions.

When you actually get to the online shop UK maps are free. Select this and checkout, maps will install.

This gives you fully working sat nav for foot or car.


for the full list of compatible phones:


Does this include free voice navigation?

Can i download this to my SD card and use the latest 66 on my sat nave via card?

For voice navigation you need to purchase a license.


this didn't work for me. maybe needs a license pre-installed on phone?

Ive an Omnia so was looking forward to trying this. s/w loaded fine (and really nice too) but no free maps for me. UK maps cost £49! Still free travel guides on hundreds of locations available.

Anyone got this to work on a Pixon? If so, please let me know as I have had to reset 4 times trying this deal!!

while the maps are free the navigation features are subscription based ( walk to/drive to)
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