Free Nescafe Style Diary

Free Nescafe Style Diary

Found 26th Oct 2006
What are this season's must-haves? How do you get 'the look' without spending a fortune? Let TV fashion gurus, Trinny and Susannah, give your dress sense a real pick-me-up. Your weekly style diary will help you look your best every day and there's a chance to win 365 days of fashion, chosen especially for you.

To download your NESCAFÃ Style Diary, click on the link.
Every week for six weeks, you will receive the very latest style tips on your PC. Sit back with a cup of coffee and discover what works when you're dressing for work or how to make a real impression on an evening out. Whatever your size or shape, Trinny and Susannah could soon have you looking 'fabulous, darling'.

Remember its a download only and not a paperback diary.
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I wanted a Paperback.

Its not really worth anything, but meh, thanks for posting it.
Meh...this Tranny and Susannah/Nescafe seem to be aiming towards the female market...could this be classed as Sex Discrimination
Thank you for this.
Thanks Alot, Its very Good
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